The whole shack shimmies….

The whole shack shimmies, everybody’s moving round and around
Stumping and footings on elevated floor homes is an ongoing maintenance issue that can lead to some very serious structural issues, if not addressed. No one wants to think about their stumps, they hold the house up so what you say. But there is more to it, much more. Stumps are not only holding your home up but at some point in time were also helping it to remain level and in a steady position. In the case of old timber stumps there are very few that are actually providing any lateral support and are merely props. This broad statement can be made because very few timber stumps have been installed in the past 20-30 years. There has been a huge swing to galvanised steel stumps making it the predominately used product. Topped with a market shift away from timber over the past 20 years with logging and milling cut back to farmed product. Timber stumps have a life expectancy of up to 30 years and were readily replaced within that time period. The advent of newer stumping methods has left some displacement where property marketers and investors alike are in the dark in regard to the maintenance and life expectancy of their footings. The one thing that has remain unchanged is they are a crucial support to your home. Living in storm ravaged areas of the Whitsunday’s and central Queensland its not only an issue for your building integrity when put to the extremes but also an issue of your safety, and peace of mind.

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